Tourism in the surrounding area of Hôtel Ambassadeur in Paris

Hôtel Ambassadeur is located in the heart of Paris, in the artists’ district of Montmartre. From the hotel you can visit the main points of interest in the city either by foot or by public transport. Here is a small list of the most popular places to visit!

Le Moulin de la Galette

An ideal stop for a typical Parisian and Montmartre getaway. Be seduced by the most famous and characteristic village of Paris. In the streets of the old Paris, you can discover: le Moulin de la Galette, known for its popular dances…

Sacré Coeur

Before the construction of the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, in a Roman-Byzantine style, the hill used to be a small village located outside the fortified enclosure of Paris.

The basilica is a metaphor for the condemnation of the sins of the inhabitants of Paris: sins that would have caused the defeat of the French army against Prussia in 1870.

Moulin Rouge

The dances at the Moulin Rouge have experienced huge success: everyone holds a little bit of Offenbach sung by the French-Cancan dancers in a corner of their memory. Spectators have marvelled for many years at the young ladies shaking their skirts. Among them, La Goulue, revered by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and who still haunts many souls; as well as Mistinguett, who took her first steps onto the stage of the Moulin back in 1907.

Today, after 100 years of existence, the famous Parisian cabaret continues to attract onlookers and the high society, staging artists come from around the world who thrive in a setting where the only motto is to party.

Place du Tertre

This important tourist sight is the hub for picture-perfect restaurants and portrait artists, bent over their easels and offers paintings at reasonable prices.

Parc Monceau

In 1769, the Duc of Chartres, future Duc of Orléans, ordered the construction of “folly” next to the village of Monceau. The designer and author of comedies Carmontelle, helped by a landscape designer called Thomas Blaikie, created an imaginary garden with false Gothic ruins, a Dutch windmill, a Tartar tent, a pagoda, an Egyptian pyramid… The garden was a scene for curiosities in the open air, revealing the attractions of nature and civilization.

On October 22nd 1797, it was in his park that the first parachutist in history, André Garnerin, jumped out of a hot-air balloon.

In 1860, when the village of Monceau was attached to Paris, half of the park was sold to the Pereira brothers by the city of Paris for the construction of private residences. The other half was redeveloped as an English-style park by Alphand on behalf of the prefect Haussmann, and was declared a public garden. Along its quiet paths, the park has preserved beautiful statues, the Egyptian pyramid -made by Carmontelle- its Naumachia…

The park also has has many things to offer to its youngest visitors: swings, slides, sandpits, cycling lanes… to be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike.